capital and connections to advance rare disease innovation

Rare Bioventures

Rare Bioventures is the first network of life science angels and operators focused exclusively on solutions impacting rare diseases.

We invest in biotech, techbio, and virtual care platforms developing life-altering drugs or digital therapeutics, and the infrastructure or tools used to accelerate their development.

If your company is looking to partner with or sell into biopharma and digital therapeutics companies, we want to meet you. Our goal is to be the highest strategic-value-per-dollar investors on your cap table, and we start before we even write a check.

We won't waste your time

Through an intro call and a follow-up pitch we will discuss key milestones for your next phase of growth and the types of connections that could have a meaningful impact on your ability to achieve them.

We seek to add value pre-investment

A teaser of what it would look like if we work together. We want to earn our spot on your cap table by providing feedback on your pitch deck and strategy, and by making relevant strategic and investor introductions.

We roll up our sleeves to engage our network

For our portfolio companies, we organize "under the hood" feedback sessions with targeted customers, partners, or investors and, once you have a lead investor, we can syndicate an allocation to strategic angels.

Our Areas of Interest


Biotech, techbio, and virtual care platforms leveraging data, AI, -omics, digital therapeutics, or novel delivery vehicles with the potential to treat multiple rare diseases.

Infrastructure & Tools

Infrastructure technologies and tools like lab automation, sequencing, data security, and real-world data that drive R&D efficiencies for all diseases.

Our Portfolio

Some of our portfolio companies include:

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our principles & vision

The Rare Bioventures Charter

The genomic and precision medicine revolution is here, and over the next decade platform biotechs and digtal therapeutics will be positioned to address countless diseases previously untreatable.

Our mission is to fuel this revolution, and the trends below, by investing in solutions that will bring life-altering treatments from the lab to patients faster.

from the lab to the cloud

  1. Biopharma research and development is getting automated and decentralized, dramatically reducing the time and resources required to meaningfully advance drugs into and through the clinic.

from common to rare

  1. Precision medicine is enabling common diseases to be increasingly treated like rare diseases, by selectively addressing genetic subpopulations with Taregeted therapies. Much of the same infrastructure that will work in rare will translate into this market.

from molecules to bytes

  1. Traditional drugs are no longer the only approved vehicles for clinically validated intervention. A rapidly growing pipeline of digital therapeutics are being evaluated in clinical trials, getting approved by the FDA, and getting reimbursed by payors.

from biotech to techbio

  1. Technology is infiltrating the drug discovery and development process through data, AI, and -omics (genomics, proteomics, etc.). With it comes speed and scalability, and the ability for smaller, virtual drug developers to take assets further at less cost.

from unconscious bias to diversity of thought

  1. The world is waking up to the proven and quantitative advantage of diverse teams. We support companies whose leadership team and culture are aligned with this perspective.

from transactions to relationships

  1. Some investors invest financial capital in companies; we invest human capital in entrepreneurs. We will have your back and consider this long-term, relationship-building approach to be one of our core differentiators.

Joshua Henderson

Founder, Rare Bioventures

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Join our global network of operators, investors, and patient advocates who decide on a deal-by-deal basis to support Rare Bioventures companies with capital or connections.


We are fiercely committed to accelerating the development of rare disease treatments and getting them to the right patients faster by supporting:
platforms that support the rare community (biotech, techbio, virtual care)infrastructure/tools used by rare disease biopharma & digital therapeutics companies
We are particularly interested in innovations led by underrepresented and women founders, and seek to add value both pre- and post-investment.

Joining as an Expert

Support rare disease companies across biotech, techbio, and digital health.Stage agnostic, but primarily focused on Seed and Series A.You are asked to support portfolio companies with connections and strategic input.

Joining as an Accredited Investor

Occassionally there will be opportunities to invest in Rare Bioventures companies through syndicates.Only accredited investors may participate in syndicates.No specific capital commitment is required to join ($1K minimum/deal).You can opt-in to and opt-out of any deal.

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